Traveling sustainably is at front of mind for many adventurers these days. Passion to see the world is deeply linked with a desire to see the planet stay beautiful for many generations to come. There are many ways to achieve sustainable travels too – from reducing plastic waste on your trip, choosing carbon offsets with your airline, or more. Picking where you stay is a big one. Not just the country, or city, but the accommodation. To make it easier for you, we’ve looked into the world’s best eco resorts and listed the top ones below. We’ve covered places within reach of Europe, America, Asia and Australia, so hopefully, it inspires somewhere new to visit on your next adventure.

Nihi Sumba – Indonesia

Bali has long been the dream destination of choice for many tourists heading to Indonesia. That influx has put a lot of strain on the environment there, especially when it comes to plastic pollution.

While there are some excellent eco resort options on Bali (eg Five Elements) we have to pay tribute to Nihi Sumba. Sumba is a smaller island to the East of Bali and is stunning in its isolation and beauty. Nihi is the only accommodation there and is has been rated as the best resort in the world multiple times.  Their villas are constructed by local craftsmen from reclaimed wood and they have formed the Sumba Foundation, which helps to establish access to clean water for the local people, run educational programs, and helps lessen the effects of Malaria in the area. There’s also one of the best waves for surfing in the world there – Occy’s Left. Everything Bali has and a little more…

Ecocamp Patagonia – Chile

Ecocamp Patagonia is one of the most iconic places for the sustainably-minded traveler to stay. In fact, they were the world’s first geodesic dome hotel. Not only is this camp located in Patagonia – the mountain area which inspired one of the world’s most sustainable brands – but it is operated under a certified environmental management system. All of the camp’s electricity is provided by a micro-hydro turbine and photovoltaic panels. Their composting toilets,  recycling program, and commitment to the local community/culture are all pretty amazing too. That’s not to mention the rock climbing, skiing and exploring on offer in the area as well. Go and be inspired. An incredible place to recharge your batteries to full.

Whitepod – Switzerland 

Coming off the domes of Chili, we thought we’d offer another iconic option. This one is Whitepod Switzerland. Nestled in the Swiss Alps, these low impact dome-shaped chalets are energy efficient and super cozy. The use of water at the lodge is controlled, they recycled their waste and ingredients in the restaurant are purchased locally. The staff lives nearby and simply walks to work too. There are only fifteen pods with a wooden chalet in the middle where guests meet for breakfast or to hang out beside the main fireplace. Put it on your list.

Lapa Rios Lodge – Costa Rica

Voted #1 hotel in South America for 2019. Voted #9  in the world. Lapa Rios Lodge is in the middle of a thousand acres of protected rainforest. It’s also next to Corcovado National Park (a soon-to-be-named UNESCO World Heritage Site). The lodge here has 16 thatched-roof bungalows, which are energy efficient by making use of cooling ocean breezes. They also have community-based initiatives like working with local NGO Earth Equilibrium to build school classrooms, install water pumps, solar panels and more for communities around the Osa Peninsula. It’s only a short flight from LA but a total world away in terms of experience. Get down there and see one of the most biodiverse areas this planet has to offer.

Daintree Wilderness Lodge – Australia

If rainforests get your sustainable heart thumping, then Daintree Lodge in Australia might make you burst a ventricle. This accommodation is run in partnership with the local Kuku Yalanji tribe, allowing guests the opportunity to immerse themselves in authentic Australian Aboriginal culture. It’s also right in the heart of the world’s oldest rainforests – the Daintree.  This Wilderness Lodge has an Advanced Eco Certification to ensures your stay in their elevated treehouse-style villas has minimal impact on the pristine environment. If you enjoy SCUBA diving, the Great Barrier Reef is within a couple of hours of travel. Easy to leave one morning early, dive all day and be back in the rainforest by nightfall to hear the call of nature.

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