To celebrate International Women’s Day this year we asked some of the most inspiring female travelers we know about empowering other women to travel. What their own mindset is and how to step outside your own comfort zone and do something extraordinary. There’s Kristin Addis, one of the world’s leading experts in solo female travel. Travel Sisters Crystal and Candy who blend style and travel with pets to get the most out of their lives. Liliana Galo, winner of the Pacsafe Be More Competition last year. And, Lena Lurye a Russian photographer living in Switzerland. Here’s was they said about getting out there to do something adventurous…

Liliana Galo – Be More Competition Winner

Mindset: As a woman, it can sometimes raise eyebrows when we want to travel the world (especially by ourselves). But if it is truly what we desire to do, it’s our job to pave the way for the other women. Help those with the desire to expand their consciousness through world travel. I propose that we push ourselves to step out of our comfort zones and step into our power and right to have the same life-changing travel experiences as anybody else. Remember that traveling impacts not only you but those around you. Listen to others’ stories as well and bring them back with you to help empower other women to do the same. Embrace the idea of being part of the trailblazing women who are not afraid to travel the world!

Liliana on her Pacsafe Be More trip to South America

Something to take: During any trip, I always bring my Pacsafe Vibe 28-L backpack. It’s the perfect carry-on size, fits my 15 inch laptop, is slash-proof, has great locks, and it is RFID safe so I know that all my credit cards and personal information won’t be compromised.

To see more of Liliana’s travels, check out her Instagram here.

Kristen Addis – Be My Travel Muse

Kristin traveling solo in Nusa Penida

Mindset: Just do it! And know that the hardest part is deciding to go. After that, the rest will fall into place.

Something to take: I love the Pacsafe wire mesh bag protector and have used it since day one of my travels. Hostels and hotel don’t always have a locker or safe and the bag protector has given me peace of mind for years now.

To read more about Kristen’s travels, check out her Be My Travel Muse website here.

Lena Lurye – Photographer and Traveler

Lena on her travels

Mindset: By learning the world, we change ourselves forever. We become more tolerant, educated, unleash new edges of our personalities. We learn about lots of wonderful and glorious things existing in the world. Have you seen shark eggs? Swum in the Dead Sea water that feels more like a glycerol? Looked in the night sky in a desert, where hundreds of thousands of stars illuminate the Earth? Maybe you have seen the biggest volcano crater in the world or witnessed a geyser eruption? You don’t need colossal investments to see all of that: just get a pair of good shoes and make your first step.

Something to take: P.S. Also don’t forget about a Swiss army knife, just in case you want to open a bottle of wine

To see more of Lena’s travels, check out her Instagram here.

Crystal and Candy – Travel Pockets

Candy and Crystal on their travels.

Mindset: We have been fortunate enough to have been able to travel since we were kids. So, we never felt being a female hindered our travels. We feel lucky that we have the freedom to travel and know that there are women out there that don’t have the same opportunities as we do. If you have the flexibility to travel, we encourage you to do it as it’s an experience that enriches your well being. There are people out there who can’t travel that would eagerly trade places with you to have that privilege.

Something to take: We both absolutely love our Citysafe CX Anti-theft Backpacks and it accompanies us on all of our travels. Its design is feminine and it has a ton of amazing features that really assists us in our travel experience.

To read more about Crystal and Candy’s travels, check out their Travel Pockets website here.

For anti-theft bags that give you the extra confidence to travel somewhere new, knowing your gear is safe, check out the women’s Citysafe CX collection here. 

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