Going on a day trip is plenty of fun. You could be walking a new coastline, cruising through a city, or even heading out off the beaten track. What you take can make or break the day as well. You want to make sure you’ve got the supplies to keep you happy and protect you just in case anything goes wrong. So, with that in mind here’s what to pack on a day trip.

Must Haves


You should at least have a couple of liters of water for a day.Here’s a neat guide to help you further figure out how much to take depending on conditions.


This could be snacks, or more substantial meals depending on where you’re headed. It’s always a good idea to take a little more than you think, and have some more non-perishable food in the car if you’re going out on a proper hike.

A compass and map (or Google Maps on your phone)

A good tip here is to load up the area on wifi beforehand, if you’re heading somewhere out of phone service. The GPS will continue to work, even without range. If you are heading to a wilderness area it’s always advisable to take the hard instruments as back up.  

Sunscreen and a hat

Even in cool weather, it’s best to have some sun protection. If you’re outside all day, you’d be surprised at how much it can take a toll on your skin.

First aid kit

Twisted ankles, small cuts, and more can be pretty common if you’re heading on more an adventurous day trip. So make sure someone you’re going with has a well-stocked kit. Here’s a guide by the crew at Carryology on how to build out your own amazing first aid kit. 

A multi-tool

These things are so handy! So good in fact they belong in the must-haves. Just being able to use the scissors to cut open tricky food packets is great, but if you need a knife or pliers to repair an essential item you’ll be the hero of the day when you pull one of these out.

Basic repair kit items (duct tape, glue, etc)

If you blow out the sole of your shoe, being able to fix it is super key when doing plenty of walking. A few items like this take up a tiny amount of space. Don’t leave home without them. Macgyver wouldn’t.

A good backpack for carrying it all.

Obviously, you’ll need a bag to carry all your gear in. If you don’t have something appropriate already, somewhere between 12-25 liters should be plenty to carry what you need. To check out Pacsafe’s most popular day packs, headhere. They have the bonus of anti-theft security built in, which is extra great for city trips, or places where theft might be an issue.  


Just In Case

A spare pair of socks

Any hiker will tell you that a spare pair of socks (or two) are worth their weight in gold if your current ones get wet crossing a stream, or just plain old sweaty. This goes for the city too. Puddles still exist in civilization. Not essential, but a very very good idea.

Hand sanitizer

It’s always a great idea to wash your hands before eating. If you have touched something not so great, and can’t find quick access to a bathroom a little bottle of hand sanitizer is a lifesaver.

Hygiene products

If you’re a woman, even if your menstrual cycle isn’t close, it’s always a good idea to take some spare pads or tampons along for the trip. If you don’t save yourself, you may save someone else and be the hero of the day because of a little bit of forethought.

A rain jacket and other wet weather items

If the weather is looking wet, or just plain cold, it’s a great idea to prepare for the worst. A jacket, thermal underwear, or maybe an umbrella are great to have along for the walk. You might even look to take a compact rain cover for a backpack to keep everything you’re carrying dry as well.  

Toilet Paper

Yup, we all need to go to the bathroom at some point during the day. Some spare paper is amazing to have in your bag if there aren’t any toilets where you’re headed.

Insect Repellent

Flies buzzing over your face or mosquitos biting your legs is a surefire way to ruin a day out. A little repellent in your bag protects you from that and makes sure you’re having a comfortable day outside.

Optional Extras

A Camera

It’s always amazing to document your day so you remember the fun times and beautiful things you saw on a hike. Most people have one on their phone these days, but for the shutterbugs among us, having a good SLR is key.

A Power Bank To Charge Your Phone

Speaking of cameras, imagine getting to a waterfall that enticed you to go on this day hike in the first place, only to find your phone is flat. A powerbank for your phone will save the day. They’re also great for emergency situations, like when you need to make a call and order after hike pizza.  

Spare shoes

For those who want to make sure their feet are comfortable for the entire day, then having a spare pair of shoes can be a great addition to your bag. Great if yours get wet, or just aren’t working for you.

So there you have it. A packing list so you know what to pack on a day trip. Once again, if you need a good  anti-theft daypack to have as your carry companion, you can shop Pacsafe’s best optionshere.

As a bonus, if you’re going on a hike, here’s a guide on how to choose the best outdoor backpack.

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